In 2021, our work to support people into meaningful employment and break down barriers was more important than ever. Read about what we achieved in 2021 below.

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2021 Impact

Learners supported 748

Learners supported since our inception in 2019

Graduation Rate 80%

Of learners graduated successfully

Employment 71%

Of graduates were employed within 90 days of completing their Generation Australia program

A Message from our CEO

In a continued climate of uncertainty, I am proud of everything that Generation Australia has achieved in 2021.

A story I love to share that demonstrates the difference the Generation methodology makes to our learners is that of Meng, who moved to Australia in 2015. Despite having a tech background, he spent 5 years trying to land a sustainable job in the sector – without success. In 2021, Meng enrolled in our Junior Web Developer program and described it as a “whirlwind of learning”. The behaviour and mindset skills in particular were new to him, and those, together with the Generation community of instructors and mentors gave him a new perspective on jobseeking and employment.

Meng was such an outstanding graduate that we hired him to fill a newly created position of Tech Administrator, and he became a true rockstar on our team. His service did not go unnoticed by our learners either – in every graduation ceremony I’ve attended, he has garnered a special mention by the cohort!

Now, Meng has fulfilled his dream of becoming a software engineer in a Big 4 bank, and while we will miss him and his contributions deeply, I know I speak for the team when I say we wish him the absolute best on the next stage of his career.

This is what Generation was created to be – a launchpad for a life-changing, sustainable, meaningful career.

In Meng’s words, “It hasn’t been an easy journey, but without Generation, the journey wouldn’t even have begun”.

As you can gather from this story, our relationship with our learners is mutually beneficial: we are lucky to receive wonderful contributions and input from them. I’m delighted to share that graduates like Meng continue to report high satisfaction with our programs, rating us 82 on the Net Promoter Score, which is considered to be among the leading endorsement scores in our industry.

We cannot do this work alone: our partners and funders are integral to the successes outlined in this report. Thank you. I’d also like to thank the Generation Australia team and board for your excellent work. Finally, I congratulate all Generation Australia learners and Alumni for taking a leap with us to launch your life-changing careers. 

Malcolm Kinns
Malcolm Kinns

Chief Executive Officer

Generation Australia