Celebrating Aged Care Success with Australian Unity and Generation Australia Graduates

In 2023, Generation Australia partnered with Australian Unity and the Australian Unity Foundation with the goal to alleviate talent shortages within the Australian personal care industry space. Generation’s role is to equip learners with the foundational knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to confidently enter an Aged Care traineeship, which includes a nationally-recognised qualification. Participants who successfully complete the Foundations Program and meet requirements can work as Care Companion Trainees in residential care at Australian Unity.

Following the success of their pilot program in 2023, Generation Australia celebrated the impactful partnership with Australian Unity at a recent luncheon. The event wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Generation Australia beneficiaries, the program graduates, who are now employed as trainees with Australian Unity.

“I witnessed a real-life embodiment of our mission,” stated Hanna Kwak, Generation Australia’s Program Manager. “Both our graduates and Australian Unity are thrilled with what we have achieved together. I hope to share more good news stories with upcoming projects and initiatives.”

The collaboration between Generation Australia and Australian Unity represents a significant step towards addressing the pressing need for skilled caregivers in the aged care sector. By combining Generation’s expertise in training with Australian Unity’s commitment to quality care, the partnership has not only provided opportunities for individuals to enter the workforce but has also raised the bar for standards within the industry. The structured curriculum of the Foundations Program ensures that graduates are equipped not only with technical skills but also with the compassion and empathy necessary to excel in caregiving roles. 

The graduates are now thriving in their new roles and serve as inspiring examples of the program’s effectiveness in fostering individual growth and addressing workforce needs in critical sectors.