Kickstart your career in the technology sector!

No experience required, we’ve got you covered!

Do you enjoy being creative and thinking outside the box? Are you curious about the tech sector? Join our training program to become a Web Developer!

In this program, you’ll get the skills and training you need to get a job as a Web Developer. The program is 5 days a week for 12 weeks. This includes technical training provided by Academy Xi combined with hands-on projects and employability skills development. At the end, Generation Australia will continue to work with you to secure and train for interviews, and ensure all graduates gain meaningful employment.

What is a Web Developer?

As a Web Developer, you will be a pioneer in web design. Your role will enable you to create content, help clients create websites and features, and support your team to resolve coding issues.

The workplace for you could mean a global company in a team of 500 or a community-driven firm in a team of 5.

In this digital age, web development is everywhere, from sales to security to sustainability. It’s up to you where you want to go next.

What is included in the program?

  • No cost to you
  • Access to online learning with tech professionals
  • Inclusive & holistic support throughout course
  • Support connecting with employers at the end of the program

Can I apply?

You can apply for the program if you:

  • Are not currently in full time employment, education or training
  • Can participate in online learning classroom 5 days a week, 9am-5pm for 12 weeks
  • Can demonstrate your interest in tech
  • Are an Australian or NZ Citizen, permanent resident or on a Humanitarian Visa
  • Have basic English and numeracy skills
  • Live in Sydney, NSW or Melbourne, VIC (applicants from outside these areas will not be accepted at this time)

Program Length

12 weeks

Comprehensive training including tech projects

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Online learning

Start Date

Starts 2021

Mentorship and career guidance until you find the right opportunity

Web development involves
  • Being creative
  • Taking initiative
  • Solving problems
  • Working together
Does this sound like you?
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A few simple steps

  1. 10 minutes 1

    Online Application form

    Fill out the application form online.
    Register Interest

  2. 1 hour 2

    We'll learn more about you

    There will be some online tasks related to the program and an opportunity for you to tell us a little about you.

  3. 30 mins 3

    Meet us

    We will check your eligibility for the program and then give you a call to invite you to an interview day. Don’t worry though, this interview is just a casual chat with a member of the Generation team.

  4. 10 minutes 4


    Once we have received your homework task and approved background checks, you will be invited to fill out an online Generation enrolment form to secure your spot on the program.

  5. 2 days 5

    Orientation (online)

    Once you have secured your spot on the program, you will be invited to attend 2 days of orientation the week before the program starts. During these days, you will get to meet your trainer, program coordinator, and fellow classmates. You may also be provided with pre-reading material to get you prepared for classes.


  • Interested in joining the tech sector
  • Have the right to work in Australia
  • Not currently in education, training, or stable employment


Skills Earned

Technical Skills

We'll help you learn the technical skills with lots of hands-on, interactive sessions. By the end, you'll know:

  • Create and design web development products
  • Use effective problem-solving strategies within the tech. sector
  • What it takes to be a high-performing web developer based on employer input

Behavior & Mindsets

In every job, there are key skills that will help you be successful. We'll help you learn how to:

  • Collaborate with others
  • Think critically
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be proactive

How we prepare you

In a world of job training programs, Generation takes a different approach to help you succeed. Generation instructors and mentors get to know each student and are there with resources, tools, and information if a student encounters a barrier.


The instructors and mentors at Generation aren't just teachers, they're coaches who stand by their students through successes and challenges.

Resume Building

The right resume can open the door to new career opportunities. Generation students learn how to create a resume that showcases their skills and experiences.

Interview Rehearsal

By conducting mock interviews, then providing real-time feedback and coaching, the Generation team ensures that all graduates feel confident and prepared to interview.

Ongoing Support

After graduation, mentors and instructors continue to check in with alums, providing support with the job search and advice for continued success.

Ongoing benefits of Generation

A Trusted Network

Continued contact with the Generation graduate network


Events and workshops to help you keep growing

Give Back

Become a mentor to help others


Troubleshoot your job challenges