Empowering Youth: How Generation Australia Helped Emily Launch her Tech Career

In today’s data-driven world, a career in data analytics is a dream for many. But how do you transition into this exciting field, especially if you don’t have a traditional tech background and are juggling significant life changes? This is exactly what Emily Jiang achieved after completing Generation Australia’s full-time Data Analytics program.

Emily’s journey began with a simple Instagram Ad. Though new to the tech industry, she has had two weeks of work experience that piqued her curiosity. Eager to learn more, she took the initiative to research the field and prepare herself for this new opportunity. However, the program’s full-time nature meant she had to clear her schedule and focus entirely on her studies.

“I was waitressing and doing multiple jobs at the time,” Emily recalls. “But I always had this interest in data analytics since I got a lucky exposure in year 10 through a work experience program, and that sparked something in me.”

Finding Stability During a Period of Change

While the full-time commitment demanded focus and adjustment, Emily found the program’s structure to be a source of stability during a period of personal upheaval. On top of managing a busy schedule, she was also navigating a complex personal situation.

“The program wasn’t just about technical skills,” Emily says. “The routine, work-like environment and demand for focus while working daily with kind and motivated peers helped me manage my stress and overall well-being. It gave me a structure and a goal to work towards during a challenging time and I didn’t know if it was still possible for me.”

Finding the Perfect Fit

Initially majoring in Data Science at university and later dropping the course, Emily found that traditional academic studies didn’t quite fulfil her desire for practical application. Yearning for the hands-on experience she enjoyed in year 10, she found a solution in Generation Australia’s boot camp, which offered a similar immersive approach. In addition to the hands-on, in-depth aspects of the program, the supportive and inclusive approach to teaching played a significant role. Her experience in the program fostered a positive learning environment through elements like instructor support, regular check-ins, and a strong sense of community. She felt confident that she could reach out for help and receive genuine guidance from instructors who were invested in her success.

Unlike the conventional university setting, Generation’s program was intensely practical, providing a unique blend of work and study that perfectly aligned with her goals. This emphasis on real-world application equipped her with the skills needed to thrive in ways that university simply couldn’t.

Beyond the Technical: The Importance of Soft Skills

Emily highlights the soft skills she developed at Generation Australia as a key factor in her success. The program equipped her to navigate the complexities of workplace communication, prioritise tasks throughout the day to manage time efficiently, giving and receiving feedback/criticism, presentation skills – all crucial skills for thriving in a data-driven environment.

Beyond the technical course, the program offered comprehensive support, including mentorship, mock interviews, and career guidance. Thanks to this holistic approach, Emily felt not only confident but thoroughly prepared to step into the workforce. Her success story speaks volumes: landing her very first job application as a Data Analyst at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a testament to the program’s remarkable effectiveness in launching its graduates into thriving careers.

Economic Mobility with Generation Australia

Emily’s new role not only marked the beginning of her career in the tech industry but also brought financial stability. This boosted her financially and allowed her to cover expenses, providing breathing room for savings and investments in the future.

Empowering Career Changers

Emily’s story is an inspiration for anyone considering a career shift into the tech industry, especially those who may be facing personal challenges. 

“If you don’t have prior expertise in tech, like if you’re completely new and you join, it’s totally fine. The first couple of weeks are dedicated to easing you into it. At some point, you’ll likely encounter a challenge where things get difficult, whether it’s in your studies or elsewhere. That’s where Generation comes in. Their support was invaluable; they helped me get back on track. Even after I missed their messages for a while, they continued to check in on me.” 

Emily says as she encourages anyone with interests in tech to not be afraid or intimidated by it. Generation Australia’s program empowers individuals with the skills and experience needed to succeed in the dynamic world of data analytics, regardless of their background.

Looking for a data analytics career change?

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