From Teacher to Cloud Computing Graduate and Instructor

Catherine Gibson is a shining example of how a career change can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding path. After years as a primary school teacher, she decided to pursue her passion for technology and enrolled in Generation Australia’s Cloud Computing bootcamp. Upon graduating, she gained industry experience before returning to Generation as an instructor, where she now shares her knowledge and experience with aspiring cloud computing professionals.

Her journey with Generation Australia began when she applied for and was accepted into the Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs Program. She selected the Generation Cloud Computing bootcamp as her study path, marking a significant shift from her teaching background.

“I had always had an interest in technology, and through COVID, I decided I was ready for a career change,” Catherine explained. “The Generation Cloud Computing bootcamp was the perfect opportunity for me to learn the skills I needed to pursue a new career in the IT industry.”

The bootcamp provided Catherine with a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing concepts and hands-on experience with various cloud platforms. However, it was the additional skills she gained that truly transformed her professional journey.

“Aside from a range of new technical skills in cloud computing, the main skills I gained from Generation were problem solving, team work, adaptability, resilience and a whole lot of self confidence,” Catherine said. “These skills have served me well not only in my professional life but also in my personal life.”

Moreover, Catherine emphasises the importance of building a strong support network with like-minded individuals. The collaborative nature of the Generation experience fosters connections that extend beyond the program, creating a community of individuals who share common goals and aspirations.

Catherine’s advice for those considering undertaking a Generation program is simple:

“Be open minded to where the program might take you. We don’t always follow our planned path into employment, we might take a few detours and roundabouts, but be confident that all the skills and knowledge you gain from your time with Generation will serve you well into the future.

Catherine Gibson’s story is an inspiration to anyone considering a career change or looking to expand their skillset in the ever-evolving tech industry. Her journey demonstrates the power of lifelong learning, adaptability, and the strong support networks that Generation Australia fosters.