Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success

Evelina Gyulkhandanyan‘s story is one of resilience, determination, and a powerful call for change. After taking a four-year break from the workforce to raise her young child, she embarked on a career transition from human rights to cybersecurity. Armed with a government-funded certificate in Cyber Security, she faced a disheartening reality: despite tailoring her resume and applying to numerous positions, interviews remained elusive.

Facing the Barriers:

One unsettling experiment revealed a stark truth – altering her name and specific details on her resume led to an interview call within minutes. This experience exposed the harsh reality of unconscious bias in the hiring process, highlighting the systemic hurdles faced by many individuals seeking re-entry into the workforce and the potential presence of bias against certain demographics.

Building a Bridge to Success:

Evelina refused to be discouraged. She identified her strengths, honed new skills even during her maternity leave, and prioritised her well-being. This proactive approach led her to discovering Generation Australia through the Digital Jobs Australia, a program that proved instrumental in her journey. Through the program, Evelina gained valuable skills in cloud computing, developed her professional network, and received crucial guidance for interviews. 

“The outcome is more powerful. I’ve become more empowered, more confident.” Evelina emphasises as she credits the program and the mentors for providing invaluable support and guidance during her job search.

Turning Challenges into Triumph:

Evelina’s perseverance and hard work, combined with the support from Generation Australia, paid off. She landed a coveted traineeship in cybersecurity at Mantel Group — without having to tailor her name in her resume. Her story offers a powerful example of resilience, continuous learning, and seeking support, inspiring others facing similar challenges.

Beyond the Individual Story:

Evelina’s experience sheds light on broader issues within the employment landscape. She emphasises that providing funding for skills programs isn’t enough. Graduates like her require comprehensive support, including mentorship and job search assistance, to bridge the gap between training and employment.

“I strongly believe that there should be more support toward organisations like Generation Australia because you prove to be really more efficient and successful in supporting people to get a job.”

Furthermore, Evelina sheds light on the pervasive issue of unconscious bias. Her experience underscores the need for fostering diversity and inclusion in workplaces, where individuals are valued for their unique skills and experiences, not superficial factors.

Gratitude and a Look Forward:

Evelina’s experience serves as a powerful testament to the transformative impact of Generation Australia. The program equipped her with the necessary skills, mentorship, and confidence to navigate a challenging job market. In her journey, she highlights the importance of proactive learning, seeking support, and fostering self-belief.

“I was working hard and I was working smart and that’s what I want to tell everyone. Working hard also means working hard on your well being. Working smart means also seeking support and guidance/asking for help.” 

Evelina encourages other learners to embrace continuous learning, actively seek guidance from mentors, and advocate for themselves and others in the face of challenges.