Generation Alumni Upskill at Salesforce Tower

A group shot of attendees from the event

Generation Australia had the privilege of co-hosting an up skilling event with Salesforce. Our CEO, Malcolm Kinns and Digital Administrator, Hooi Ming were present to represent our organisation and share in this remarkable experience. The event was nothing short of inspiring, featuring a range of activities and discussions that left a lasting impact to our Generation Alumni.

Malcolm gave an outstanding speech highlighting the strong partnership between Salesforce and Generation Australia. This partnership has been instrumental in helping individuals transform their careers and achieve success in the tech industry. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and mentorship.

Suraj Sreekumar and Megan Liu, the event hosts and representatives from Salesforce set the stage for a dynamic and successful day by starting with a detailed agenda. Suraj took the opportunity to share Salesforce’s core values with the graduates, instilling the importance of these values in their journey towards a fulfilling career.

Guest Speakers’ Inspiring Journeys

Two exceptional guest speakers, Amy Boulter-Freshney and Merlin Luck, shared their remarkable career change journeys. Amy, once an intensive care nurse, and Merlin, a self-made entrepreneur, both faced numerous challenges on their paths to success. However, their determination and persistence ultimately led them to where they are today, serving as a source of inspiration to all in attendance.

Exploring Salesforce Roles

Claire Lornax, Abbie Harvey, and Ann Martyn delved into the various Salesforce roles in Sales and Customer Success Group such as Account Partner, Technical Architect and Delivery Manager. Ann, a Talent Advisor, provided insights not only into these roles but also into career pathways within the Salesforce ecosystem. This information is invaluable for individuals looking to chart their professional course within this dynamic field.

One of the highlights of the event was the exciting Speed Dating session led by Arda Ergun, Mark Tossell (a Salesforce Golden Hoodie Recipient), Allison Angelos, and Norman Lee. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with these accomplished individuals, following a speed dating format that encouraged interaction and knowledge sharing.

The culminating session, which held a pivotal role in equipping attendees with essential entry-level skills, was expertly delivered by Emily Parr, Senior Recruiter at Salesforce, during the Skill Up session. Emily provided comprehensive insights into the art of interviewing, the profound influence of storytelling within the Salesforce ecosystem, and the invaluable STAR method—comprising Situation, Task, Action, and Results. Furthermore, she skilfully elucidated the concept of The Story Arc, offering a vivid portrayal of how a narrative should be crafted, complete with an enchanting fairytale example, all enhancing our understanding.

As the event came to a close, attendees had the pleasure of capturing a group photo with the stunning Sydney Opera House as the backdrop. It was a fitting conclusion to a day filled with knowledge, inspiration, and camaraderie.

Generation Australia’s participation in the Salesforce event was a resounding success. The day was brimming with insights, inspiration, and opportunities for growth in the Salesforce ecosystem. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Salesforce for this wonderful partnership and for providing a platform for aspiring professionals to learn and connect. We look forward to continuing our mission to empower individuals on their journey to a successful career in tech.